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Book Review: Asia-literacy and Global Competence: Collections and Recollections

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Asia-literacy and Global Competence: Collections and Recollections by Alicia Su Lozeron is a collection mostly of stories that the author experienced and learned either from her travels around the world or her life in the USA and especially in the city of Las Vegas.

The book refers extensively to the town of Las Vegas. It offers suggestions on how it could become an even better destination for tourists in an emphasis on the Chinese tourists.

It does cover a lot of details of what the city of Las Vegas is doing to attract more Tourists from China. At some point, it sounds like a manual for business people who want to invest in Las Vegas and want to attract more visitors from China.

I enjoyed the passages the author quoted from her first book entitled: The Un-death of Me, but I failed to see the connection between the content of the readings with the rest of the book.

The second part of the book.  There is no second part but in my mind, that’s how I see it. The author provides a plethora of trivia information on a variety of matters.

Things like Global Travel, the political situation between Taiwan and China, dog meat consumption which I was happy to learn that it is forbidden in Taiwan now, so that’s good to hear (I am a plant based eater).

The author also presents again lot’s of trivia information, I suspect she accumulated all these knowledge from her extensive traveling, about mothers and fathers day and how they are celebrated in various countries. About marriage customs, how they treat the elderly and the young in different countries etc.

I enjoyed these “second” part because I do like trivia questions. I did learn a lot, but again I don’t see how this information will aid in the Global Competence.

The author’s English is fantastic, and I didn’t find any mistakes. The writer has good intentions. It’s my belief that her aim was to show that Asian people in general because of their traditions and their high level of education are a positive effect. They have an advantageous contribution to the societies of the world.

I don’t think this book clearly illustrates that. There is a confusion in the book, and I believe that it derives from the author’s identity crisis duality of being of Asian Heritage and living in a western country.

It is a lovely and admirable attempt to marry the two. The raw material is there. It only needs a sculpture to shape it to the desired form.

At the current form, this book does not really have a clear goal of what to deliver to the reader. On the other hand at its current form I think it’s a book that people who want to invest in Las Vegas will find very useful. Furthermore people are into learning about traveling and information about other cultures will find this book interesting.

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