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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Use it or lose it.

After about 45 days I managed to get my butt off the chair and run for 30 minutes easy jog at the high school track of my village.

It is true many say that to be able to acquire a habit you need to do it repeatedly for at least three weeks, I do not agree with the three weeks, maybe for some it works for me a month is more like it.

I will have to agree with my friend Wayne Kurtz on this that you need four weeks about a month to convince mind and body to create an action as a habit as it mentions in his book Never Say I Wish I Had. Anyone that wants to learn how to get things done and how to set goals and achieve them should check it out.

At the same time, to forget a habit you need to stop doing it for four weeks. I was so caught up creating my web page and blog this last few week and also promoting my books and writing new ones that I put on second gear my running.

No, I did not forget how to run or my desire to continue running was lost because of my four-week absence. Running for me like my plant based diet is a lifestyle now it is not just a wimp or a new diet I am doing. It is a way of life, and I am enjoying it.

Also, other more personal matters kept me away from running (divorce).

As I was getting dressed for my run, I noticed that the whole procedure  was very familiar and I was on auto pilot. It was like my body was aching and shouting to me, come one you lazy ass get dressed and hit that track.

It was an incredible feeling. One of the good things about not running for a while is you regenerate and renew your passion for running. You fall in love with it again.

So I got dressed, got my car keys get into the car and 5 minutes later I was on the track running, with my comfortable, leisurely tempo, doing about 12 minutes per mile.

When I reached the first mile, all hell break loose. Feeling like a million ants were crawling on my skin started to manifest, first on my oblique abs then on my back, then on my quadriceps, hamstrings. When they reach my calfs and shins I was so crazy from the itching I wanted to scream but I could not they were other people there exercising too.

I am sure if you are a runner and started running after a period of resting from training that you felt this itching sensation all over your body.

What is that anyway? Well, it turns out that the itching we experience is the blood rushing in filling small arteries called capillaries, and because they have not being conditioned to hold and receive this kind of volume of blood they expand kind of forcefully that is why we have that itch. The itchy sensation is the filling of small arteries that did not have time to adjust yet to the volume of blood they receive.

Capillaries are critical they feed our different parts of our body with nutrients and remove waste and toxins and any other deleterious substances from our body.

The more we have, the better for us. It means faster nutrients to our cells and faster removal or waste, which translates to better performance on the field and quicker recovery after running.

One of the best ways to increase and even create new capillaries is of course with my favorite sport, running.

After about 15 minutes of running the sensation left me because the small arteries adjusted to the blood flow.

It was an excellent running today, I enjoyed it, it was quiet and calm, and it gave me the chance to figure stuff out and also a few ideas for a new book! About smoking

I hope you have a healthy and happy day. Never stop dreaming, never stop setting goals and never stop searching.

Andreas Michaelides

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