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Book Review: …And This Is How It Ends: The True Story of Minivans, Switchblade Combs, and the Homeless

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

And This Is How It Ends: The True Story of Minivans, Switchblade Combs, and the Homeless by Jen Sky is a beautiful cataloging of how people can be helped with not just a plate of food but with other activities that aid the homeless to express their inner feelings and abilities in a light that will help them better their life in the present and near future.

A different approach and a realistic view of our fellow people that had the “bad: luck to end homeless. This book will help the reader to see the homeless people of our society with a different aspect and help us realize and understand that they are human beings like us with feelings, opinions, worries, hopes, wishes, and dreams.

I think this book will help societies realize and see that homeless people are not just there to scare the middle class, they are there because we as a society will fail them. The blame, in my opinion, is 50 – 50.

A good book always leaves the reader with more questions than answers and this book really achieve that. If you have more questions than answers it means the content of the book made you think, realize and reconsider many aspects of what surrounds the homeless status. My opinion is that this book does exactly that.

Andreas Michaelides

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