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Hopes, Dreams, and a Vision for the Future

Hopes, Dreams, and a Vision for the Future

Sometimes, I catch myself thinking about the irony of our existence on this planet. It’s like a bad joke: a species that—judging by the last 2,000 years of its history—has only managed to perfect killing each other. It’s thoughts like these that make me think that as a species, we don’t have a hope of surviving for the next 30 years on this beautiful planet.

However, a more balanced view shows that we have extraordinary moments as a race, too. We have our share of great thinkers, including philosophers, scientists, and explorers. Our compassion from one person to another is especially noticeable in major disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, and tornadoes. Emergency supplies—food, clothes, medicine, drinking water, etc.—are sent across the globe to those in need. It’s thoughts like these that bring a smile to my face again, along with the hope that perhaps we can find our true way and survive on this amazing blue-green planet for generations to come.

My family and community have taught me a genuine love for the environment. I grew up respecting the plant kingdom and animal kingdom despite being an omnivore until age 35. Adopting a plant-based diet over the last two and a half years, along with knowing what I know now, makes me want to help as many people as I can during my life on this blessed earth

With every bite of meat that we consume, we are harming our planet. Water that once allowed for entire ecosystems is now being used—wasted, I think—on growing feed for the animals, along with drinking water and cleaning water. Though most people assume that automobiles create the most pollution, the second or third highest factor of pollution on this planet is animal waste. If these animals were not bred for meat consumption, more resources could be available to humans.

I am glad that I adopted a vegan diet, as I have a clear conscious knowing that I am no longer contributing to the destruction of our home planet. I hope I meet a woman who is also a vegan. I want  to raise my kids on a plant-based diet while helping Earth to start healing from the injuries that meat production is causing.

Currently, there are about 600 million vegans and vegetarians in the world. My hope, dream, and—why not?—vision is to live to see the day when two or three billion people on this planet will become vegans or vegetarians. That would be a blessing

One of the main reasons I created this website and wrote my book, Thirsty for Health, is to help as many people as I can to awaken from their zombie-like state and see the light. Every individual on this planet, regardless of background, has likely contributed to the destruction of this planet. Yet, at the same time, every individual is just as able to provide its salvation.

Awaken and see that a balanced, healthy plant-based diet, along with adequate exercise, will help you to restore your health and the health of our planet. We share the same essence of this planet, and if we are in bad shape and our health is in ruins, then the planet is in ruins. On the other hand, if we take care of our health, then our planet will reap the benefits.

My goal is to help as many people as possible to have an epiphany: that, as I realized almost three years ago, killing animals for food is an unnatural act. Picking an apple from an apple tree is the most natural way of attaining food.

By adopting a plant-based diet, your spirit, body, and mind will enter a state in which you can see your path, destination, and goals more clearly. That will give you the emotional and physical strength to achieve what you must do while on this planet

I hope that this article has helped you to reconsider your path. Dear reader, I want to share a moment with you: when I told a vegan friend of mine that I intended to become a vegan, he said, “Yes, join us.” Please do your part by becoming a vegetarian or vegan. Join us to help save this planet. Not only will you save your own health, but you will also make things better for all of us: humans, animals, plants, and the Earth itself.

Andreas Michaelides

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